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The power of King Bao pestle seen! Rattus devils what you get is what the Buddha, Freeze speak good ...... The two men jointly hold a relic of the gods, but just a full three four hundred crocodile god coming, crazy collision, huge wallop repeat itself, directly to the two men Zhuangfei device to grasp the hands of the Buddha, fall on one side, the two will be those little crocodile suddenly drowned, died on the spot. Dianmang flying, Guanghua Shuoshuo, Liu Zhi-prick head around God, King Bao pestle swept longchamp le pliag through, such as sweeping kill Qianjun general, suddenly leaving a place of plasma and endless broken scales, a large crocodile god crushed. Of course, the deduction must be perfect in order to roughly measure out the future potential, or miscalculation by step, the full Board are lost, invalid. This seemingly small, but extremely ferocious species is very terrible, you can fly or, each one is like a crocodile god sword,longchamp kaufen strong penetrating power. Ah is twice the screams came, two students and a woman down in a pool of blood, bloody, terrible, eyes wide open, wasted step. Many people are terrified, if not open sky ancient road, for them, it means death. Little bit of blood on the altar into carnage, breaking the screens toward the sky journeyman, brought together unto the already unstable Taiji Bagua map, so that the door is about to collapse again, flashing a slongchamp bags 2013 tarry sky brilliance. One can imagine, build Stargate ---- Taiji Bagua map, how ethereal, it can be said, in quite a long period of time is impossible. However, this complex is unimaginable, which involves a singular matrix, and this has not yet been acknowledged so-called matrix, but also are in a reasoned and assumptions phase. God is merciful ...... Well, a good burn! How did we do? Bang when at this moment, on the altar of bronze colored giant coffin suddenlongchamp small size ly uttered a vibrato, the distance that two red lanterns eye suddenly like a horde of blood, like alarmed, not forward. Pombo has been on Zhou Yi is not cold, that he thought deep, but have to admit that this scholarly man at the crucial moment or a certain boldness. Boom but is, at this time, big sound Temple tragic atmosphere where the sky and on the earth completely cracked, a giant sky, shake the sky! Fragmentation rattled sound came again, this time a full five six hundred crolongchamp online store codile god breakthrough screens, rushed in, each awe-inspiring, the combination of a small body like the power of evil, teeth gleaming, eyes Yaoxie scary, fear of death were all defended rushed over, around Ye Fan constantly spinning.