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LIN Jia shouted, reminding the crowd. The foreigner in this very tense moment, the Chinese suddenly said Shunliu up Wawataijiao incessantly. In its surroundings, spatial distortion, light, misty, with dry, Kun, Sunda, against, Burgundy, earthquake, from, Hom gossip corresponding symbol has shined like a group of mysterious and ancient password shine. Of course, the deduction must be perfect in order to roughly measure out the future potential, or miscalculation by step, the full Board are lost, invalid.discount longchamp totes Ah is twice the screams came, two students and a woman down in a pool of blood, bloody, terrible, eyes wide open, wasted step. Someone once said that it represents the unknown potential, it can be deduced based on calculated occurring in the future possibilities. But was clinging tightly around the three, it was three bloodless faces, they are not gods relic, if there is no large sound Temple bronze plaque monogrammed longchamp tote of the sanctuary, they die. Eight hexagram symbol flashes hundreds of times already conducted complicated permutations and combinations, but has been unable to light up simultaneously, and ultimately end up slowly faded away, a huge Taiji Bagua map in the quiver, with the collapse of the trend. After a burst of shouting Jiliguala Cade, said: God said, everyone is equal, my lord, compassion, Buddha is an angel ...... The two men medium le pliage longchamp bag jointly hold a relic of the gods, but just a full three four hundred crocodile god coming, crazy collision, huge wallop repeat itself, directly to the two men Zhuangfei device to grasp the hands of the Buddha, fall on one side, the two will be those little crocodile suddenly drowned, died on the spot. God is merciful ...... Shrouded in dark colored curtains on the altar to near light, only little faint glow in the sky circulation Taiji Bagua map, longchamp bag medium to see this scene everybody knows why. At this point, that foreigners Cade also rushed over, his mouth Jiliguala yelling non-stop, holding a broken wooden fish constantly a random beat. Many people are terrified, if not open sky ancient road, for them, it means death. How could this ...... Everyone Ruzhui icehouse, feeling despair, I am afraid even though there really Buddha apparitions, are not necessarily surrender so matchless giant demon, unless the Buddha to pro. Pombo again to the platest longchamp ast. I certainly will not let you die. How did we do? Pombo turned to look at the rear of Wang Ziwen, Liu Zhi, who said: You protect the back of the three of them, I want to help Fan Ye past, and the best and then sent a few people, after all, not so passive defense measures.